Final Jeopardy – 1/2/15


Nose Job






funny girl


During the 1920’s, as cosmetic surgery began to grow in popularity across the country, many people, especially those in show business, took the plunge. Jewish comedian Fanny Brice had a rhinoplasty done. This surgery is more commonly referred to as a “nose job”. At the time noted writer Dorothy Parker commented that Brice had “cut off her nose to spite her race”. The general assumption is that by doing the rhinoplasty a person could be made to look “less ethnic” and more Anglo-Saxon, thereby more socially acceptable and in line with common standards of beauty.

Singer, actress, director, producer Barbara Streisand, who portrayed Miss Brice in the Broadway and movie versions of Funny Girl, as well as the sequel Funny Lady has said she thought about it early in her career but decided she didn’t really trust the doctors to get it right and she thought getting it “fixed” might actually ruin her career.



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